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Wanting to leave a review or discussion post for a product you've purchased?

Leaving a review:

If you have purchased a product on our site, you are welcome able to rate it and leave a review for others to see. To leave a rating and review for a title by visiting our Products Awaiting Review page. (Note this link does not appear if the account is connected to a publisher account as we don't currently allow publishers to leave reviews on site).  You can also access this page by clicking on the link from the your Account page (tab on the top right)


  • You can leave a review by clicking on the Write A Review button next to the title you want to review.
  • Click on a star rating next to the title to leave your rating.

Review information.

Reviews are very valuable to our customer and publisher communities in that they help customers find products that will be a good fit for them or their gaming group and they give feedback that publishers can use to improve their offerings.  Reviews will often offer information that you might not find on the product description page and can give you a feel for how well received a title is by it's purchasers.

Your review should include your feelings about the product and what aspects you liked and disliked and any insight that might help others in making their purchase decisions.  Reviews should not be used for reporting problems with viewing the product or the purchase/download process.  If you have any of those sorts of problems please use the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page to contact Customer Service and they should be able to assist you.

Please note that publishers are very limited in what they can review.  We would consider it an abuse of the review system if a publisher were to leave reviews of their own titles on site. Similarly, anyone with a professional relationship with that publisher (for example authors, illustrators, etc.) leaving reviews of their titles, especially reviews of titles to which they contributed would also be considered an abuse of the marketplace review system. Leaving low reviews of competitor publishers' titles is also not tolerated. The review system is intended to capture the opinions of independent customers only. We periodically check for instances of review abuse and have suspended publishers from our marketplace for such abuse.

Adding to the product discussion:

You are also welcome to leave a discussion point for any products that you have purchased from our sites.  You can find the Product Discussion feature at the bottom of each Product Description page in the center column - just be sure you are on the Discussions tab.


Click on the Follow This Discussion box to receive a notification any time a new Discussion post is made for the title you are viewing.  To stop receiving notifications just un-check the same box.


You are welcome to leave a discussion point and can ask questions of the publisher or creator as well.  Customers or publishers who leave comments in the Discussion section for a title or publisher are subject to our Conduct Guidelines. Publishers generally monitor discussion comments and can respond there as well. Comments that are inflammatory or belligerent may be removed. While legitimate criticism of a title is allowed, such criticism should be constructive for the publisher and/or helpful for other customers. We reserve the right to delete any comment that seems intended to attack, defame, belittle, or insult other users. External site links posted in comments must be relevant to the discussion. We reserve the right to delete comments and links that do not follow this guideline. 

Editing or deleting discussion posts and reviews.

You can edit your discussion posts for up to ten minutes after leaving them, you can delete one at any time.  To edit or delete a discussion post, just find your post and find the Delete and Edit icons on the right side of your post window.  Just click on the trash can to delete and on the pencil icon to edit:


You can edit or delete your reviews at any time.  To make any changes to a review, you just find your review and click on the three small dots at the end of your review:


Clicking there will take you to the review page where you can change your rating as well as edit or delete your review if you choose.

Your Avatar:

For reviews and discussions, you can set an image as your Avatar that other users will be able to see.  You can set or update your Avatar at

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