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Logos and Trade Dress

The Storytellers Vault logo must appear on the cover of your work. It needs to be legible when viewed at full size. It should not be the primary logo or title on your cover. It is preferred, (although not mandated) that you not use logos from World of Darkness [Paradox] publications on RPG supplements or fiction products. It is preferred that you create new logos for supplemental products and use the appropriate trade dress whenever possible.

The Storytellers Vault logo must denote which of the World of Darkness or Paradox game lines the product is for. World of Darkness products have a Storytellers Vault logo with either a World of Darkness symbol (5th edition products) or a Paradox platypus skeleton (all other editions), and Exalted products have a Storytellers Vault logo with a gold star.

All of these are available in the templates.


Cover Examples


Creator Templates

You are highly encouraged, but not required to use the templates provided by World of Darkness [Paradox] when creating your work.

You can find the templates in the Resources for SV Creators Product Type on Storytellers Vault.


No artwork may be used from any World of Darkness [Paradox] publications, except those specifically made available here on Storytellers Vault.com. You may use artwork from the Storytellers Vault’s art selection and public domain artwork. You must have permission to use any artwork.

Content creators must have secured any image release rights from any models that may appear in any illustrations or photography.

AI Policy

"You may use artwork from the Storytellers Vault’s art selection and public domain artwork. You must have permission to use any artwork. (...) Content creators must have secured any image release rights from any models that may appear in any illustrations or photography."

We've noticed a growing amount of STV products containing AI-generated art created with algorithms trained by scrapping billions of artworks without original artists' consent. We've also observed recent legal reactions worldwide, including US court ruling in August that says AI-generated art cannot receive copyrights.

With that in mind, we will start enforcing our existing policy in response to AI art usage starting from early next year. To ensure all creators will have time to react to this clarification and swap their AI-generated assets, we will begin enforcing this rule on February 12th 2024.

After this date, other creators can report suspected AI art usage to Storytellers Vault by using the ‘Report this Title’ button.

What kinds of artwork and maps can I use in my Storytellers Vault titles?

The artwork (such as illustrations or maps) that you include in your title does not become part of the Storytellers Vault content that other Storytellers Vault contributors can then use. Here is general advice for these types of artwork:

  • Art and maps provided by World of Darkness. The art you find in the Resources for Storytellers Vault category is owned by World of Darkness and can be freely used for Storytellers Vault community content products only. It is not licensed for usage outside of the Storytellers Vault program. No other artwork from World of Darkness titles can be used without express written permission from World of Darkness — only the art specifically released in Art Packs for Storytellers Vault Creators. Content Creators found to be in violation of these art usage policies are subject to immediate removal from the program. Art released by World of Darkness should try to remain as brand specific as possible and should be used in association with its specific overarching brand of products to the best of the content creator’s ability. For example; Exalted art packs should try to primarily be used for Exalted and World of Darkness art packs should primarily be used for World of Darkness etc. However, if necessary, art assets can be used across game and brand lines as long as the art in question is not easily identifiable as being very specific to a particular brand or game. (For example: a generic sword or location would be ok, whereas a clan, sect or covenant symbol would not be.) World of Darkness reserves the right to restrict usage of and/or remove art from the program as it deems appropriate at any time.
  • Public Domain Art. Art that you are certain is in the public domain can be used.
  • Stock Art. Usage of stock art depends on the license associated with that stock art. Most of the stock art sold under the Publisher Resources category on DriveThruRPG includes a license that would allow it to be used in your Storytellers Vault titles.
  • Commissioned Art. Usage of art that you commission from an artist depends upon your terms with the artist. You must have the rights or license to use the art in your title. The artwork does not become owned by Roll20 or by World of Darkness; you simply must have rights to use it in your commercial work.
  • Creative Commons. This depends on the type of Creative Commons license. Some allow commercial use, others do not.

Free / Creative Commons / Stock Art / or Just Attribution Websites


Stock Art









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