Ownership and License Questions

The Storytellers Vault program is not an Open Game License. For a complete list of content you can and cannot use in your products, visit our Content Guidelines article.

If you’re still not sure about what you are allowed to publish, check the table below to see if that helps.

I want to…


design content using the Storyteller System & MET rules systems for World of Darkness and Exalted


publish my original IP using Storyteller System rules


print and sell my World of Darkness products on my own


publish content for editions of game lines that never got produced (eg: Hunter 20)


publish World of Darkness and Exalted RPG products that don’t use the Storyteller System


publish crossover content for any game line in the same brand IP?


publish crossover games with IPs that do not belong to World of Darkness


publish my own rules system for World of Darkness games


have my content considered for additional publication by World of Darkness


have my content considered for inclusion in digital games


have my content considered for inclusion in World of Darkness marketing


publish my own new Monster, Sect, Covenant or Exalted type product not found in a previous book


publish material for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition


publish “what if” products that change official canon?  Eg: What if Tremere failed to kill Saluot?


publish a new historical setting, shard or location


Does World of Darkness own the content that I create in my Storytellers Vault publications?

Content creators are not allowed to create new IPs under the Storytellers Vault program, rather every piece of content created uses the World of Darkness IP. That said, if your work merits incorporation into canon, World of Darkness will contact you.

The Storytellers Vault agreement will grant other Storytellers Vault authors a license to use your original content at any time from its publication date. 

What do I include in the legal text within my Storytellers Vault title?

The following text must be placed within the Work, wherever the Work otherwise lists legal and copyright information:

World of Darkness, Vampire: The Masquerade, Vampire: The Dark Ages, Victorian Age: Vampire, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Werewolf: The Wild West, Mage: The Ascension, Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade, Wraith: The Oblivion, Wraith: The Great War, Changeling: The Dreaming, Hunter: The Reckoning, Demon: The Fallen, Mummy: The Resurrection, Orpheus, Exalted, Chronicles of Darkness, Vampire:The Requiem, Werewolf: The Forsaken, Mage: The Awakening, Changeling: The Lost, Hunter: The Vigil, Giest: The Sin Eaters, Demon: The Descent, Mummy: The Curse, Beast: The Primordial, Promethean: The Created, World of Darkness, Storyteller System™, Storytelling System™, and Storytellers Vault™ and their respective logos, icons and symbols are trademarks or registered trademarks of Paradox Interactive AB. All rights reserved.

This work contains material that is copyright of Paradox Interactive AB. Such material is used with permission under the Community Content Agreement for the Storytellers Vault.

©2024 Paradox Interactive AB, Magnus Ladulåsgatan 4 SE-118 66 Stockholm Västgötagatan 5, SE-118 27 Stockholm, Sweden.

If I use content from other Storytellers Vault authors, do I need to credit them?

As more authors contribute to the Storytellers Vault’s pool of community content, we do not expect to maintain perfect attribution every time an author re-uses elements originally contributed by another author. Such attributions are not strictly required. However, we do think two things would be best practices for all Storytellers Vault contributors:

  • When re-using a larger element that you have taken from another Storytellers Vault author’s work, include a reference to the original work as a link to it on StorytellersVault.com within your PDF. For example, if you use a new Bloodline called the Shadow Weavers that you found in another author’s work, you should reference that inside your own work using an internal citation such as "Shadow Weavers from Blood Ravens by The Dark Lord".
  • On your title’s credit page, make a list of such references.


Illegal and Infringing content is not allowed. It is the content creator’s responsibility to ensure that their content does not violate laws, or copyright, trademark, privacy, or other rights.

Content creators who wish to publish extreme material of a decidedly adult nature are required to use the Black Dog label so as to clearly identify this type of content. Content of this nature includes excessive graphic violence, nudity and graphic sexual situations, etc. World of Darkness [Paradox] reserves the right to inform content creators that their published material needs to be rebranded under the Black Dog label if necessary. World of Darkness reserves the right to ask content creators to remove this imprint label if its usage is not deemed necessary.

NOTE: The Black Dog label and content option is not applicable for 5th Edition content, including Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition.

Create, don’t copy. World of Darkness reserves the right to stop publishing and selling your work if it is deemed to go against the spirit of the Storytellers Vault program. All authors should respectfully use the content originally created by World of Darkness or other Storytellers Vault creators. For example, if a Storytellers Vault author releases a series of city By Night supplements all set in the same geographic area, and another author takes those supplements, compiles them, and republishes them as a single collection, without substantive original additions or changes, then we would stop publishing and selling that collected work because it adds no value to the Storytellers Vault community content. This type of behaviour will be dealt with harshly, and risks the infringer being permanently expelled from the Storytellers Vault program.

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