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What can I use in my products on the Storytellers Vault?

To learn what content you can and cannot use in your products on Storytellers Vault, visit our Content Guidelines article.

Can I create Vampire: the Eternal Struggle Cards?


Yes. The VtES Custom Card program can be found on DriveThruCards:

Can I use iconic World of Darkness characters like Beckett, Lucita, Jonas Albrecht etc. in my Storytellers Vault title?

Yes. Any character published by World of Darkness is available for use. 

World of Darkness uses Dracula, who is in the public domain. Can I use other characters in the public domain like Sherlock Holmes for “crossover stories”?

Yes, but with common sense limitations and will largely be judged case-by-case basis.  The Dracula public domain character had the myth adapted into both CofD & WoD in an integrated fashion directly in a way that makes sense because he was a fictionalized version of Vlad Teppes (a real person). Holmes, and characters like him are allowed to be used as a supplement to Mirrors for Chronicles of Darkness. Because that’s what Mirrors is, weird off beat stuff that turns the IP on its head. 

Can I publish computer games, or apps on the Storytellers Vault?

For now, we ask that you publish RPG supplements, fiction, illustrations, comics, graphic novels, and photography only, please.   

Can I sell my Storytellers Vault title in print as well as PDF?

At this time, we are not allowing new print files for Community Content programs. If you have questions about this, please, contact publisher services at

Can I create new core monster types?

Yes, but with restrictions.  You may not create a new monster type as a core game line.  You may create a new monster type as supplement for an existing game line, or as part of an existing brand line.  For example, you could not make a game titled Zombie: The Eating as a complete stand-alone game.  But you could make a product called World of Darkness: Zombies or From Beyond the Grave: Zombies for Wraith, Hunter, Mummy, etc.  The best examples of this are The Risen for Wraith: The Oblivion, World of Darkness: Mummy or Chronicles of Darkness: Immortals. 

Can I create standalone core rulebooks or new editions?

No. Storytellers Vault content should be supplemental to official core books and game lines. You cannot replace the need for an official core rulebook with your Storytellers Vault supplement. This includes historical books and settings.

You cannot publish new editions of core rulebooks or without authorization.

How do I prepare the PDF of my title for sale?

There are many different programs to lay out and prepare your book for digital download. Visit our Partner Help Center to learn how to prepare your PDFs.

Can I publish Fantasy Grounds compatible content through Storytellers Vault?

Not at this time. We will announce any potential changes in the future.

What kind of Antagonists Can I Use With V5?

Content creators may include non-vampire antagonists that represent the other World of Darkness games and sub-brands (werewolves, wraiths, mages, changelings, etc.) but only as SPCs with generic traits as described in the V5 core rulebook (and Cults of the Blood Gods for wraiths). No Vault content may include any player characters or lore development for any World of Darkness game or sub-brand that is not Vampire.

TL,DR - Vampires and ghoul player characters in V5 content are fine, everything else must be generic NPCs with no world- or lore-building included. Content creators cannot use V5 to backdoor the development of Werewolf 5E player characters, Gifts, lore, etc. 

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